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Propranolol cost increase over traditional treatments in clinical trials, and trials of non-surgical treatments in the literature. This is because it increases the cost of treatment, by up to 4.9% (based on a typical prescription), depending what the study compares it to. This is a problem because it limits access to drug trials and undermines evidence-based clinical research. The UK government had warned that a similar type of legislation would reduce availability new treatments that have been tested in clinical trials. This type of legislation is also called a 'statutory drug ban'. The bill will now go further and include drug companies doctors. They will be able to use this as a basis for withholding information at the commissioning stage, to prevent or delay publication of published trial results, or to change refuse renew the licence of a new treatment. These can all have a major impact on trial access. The evidence shows that many trials are already very difficult to access in the UK, effect creating a barrier between doctors' and patients' choice. This legislation is likely to create more problems for trial research. Drug price controls are unfair and ineffective [1] In 2010, Professor Sir John Beddington, chair of the UK Committee Pharmacology, said that it would be better to have a drug without price controls. He said: "We don't know who would be the patient in a prospective trial, or who would take it and refuse it, in a world of price controls and no controls." Other stakeholders have also argued that drug price controls are inappropriate. Simon Stevens, president of the British Medical Association (BMA), has said that "If we have a choice between an expensive alternative with no effect for a life-limiting condition [and] potentially life-saving and efficient treatment with a well-documented and controlled clinical trial … the latter should obviously go ahead". Drug trials are critical for determining new medicines' effectiveness and safety [2] Many treatments can improve patients' health and shorten their lives, not just in the short term, but for decades. At the generic pharmacy canada peak of HIV epidemics, drugs such as AZT and nevirapine prevented patients from getting sick and also greatly slowed the spread of virus. At outset the current Ebola epidemic, these treatments have been used successfully to control symptoms in infected patients and to limit transmission. A further reason to oppose these proposals is that this bill, like passed in the House of Lords June, also imposes controls that are not supported by evidence. The evidence is that increased access to clinical trials will lead earlier development of important treatments, including those such as new antiviral drugs that could be life-saving [3]. Increased access for patients in trials also has been shown to result in better quality of life [3]. The proposals in bill will do nothing to help patients who need access to treatment, and could make drugs unaffordable for all patients. In addition, it is important to note that the bill may also include regulations and restrictions on other services including health research, funding for researchers at universities and colleges, research grant schemes, clinical trials [4]. Drug pricing regulation should not be limited to the prescription sector, nor limit how we invest in our new medicines. The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently agreed that pharmaceutical companies should charge a different price for products populations. This is good because it means that patients and their health professionals can take more advantage of propranolol cost the latest evidence; but also because it means we can provide better medicines at lower prices to everyone. Drug patents should be extended so they can remain open for longer. In the UK, patents for medicines are currently only granted for 10 years - that is not long enough for new treatments to have a significant impact on patients' health, and in turn how much we spend on medicines. Drug patents in Switzerland, Australia and elsewhere Europe are designed so that they can be extended more than twice with good evidence of clinical significance. In the US, we have a patent system that lasts for an average of 28 years. Yet even in the US, where drug companies have strong incentives to develop medicines faster, many patents expire on average after 28 years [5]. If drug patent exclusivity were extended in any of these countries, we would have far greater investment in new treatments and quicker development of good therapies, which could then be cheaper for all. In the UK alone, if we extended drug patent Propranolol 40mg $34.2 - $0.57 Per pill protection to life-saving drugs with a proven history of success, we would invest in new products by up to £700 million a year [6]. We should not be afraid of extending this valuable legal protection for life-saving medicine. The European Commission reported earlier this year that it would consider extending the life of medicines in other ways if the UK government was so keen. This would not be as easy allowing a drug to be sold by any pharmacy, as.

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